SpiritualHymns.org is a comprehensive online music resource which is providing text lyrics to UECFI songs. SpiritualHymns.org has more than 500 lyrics as of the moment.


The Organization

Union Espiritista Cristiana de Filipinas Inc. is a religious organization with about a thousand affiliated local centers (churches), and considered as the biggest organization of spiritists in the Philippines (SEC Registry No. 15147, February 19, 1905). here are also affiliated local centers in other locations, such as California,Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Greece, Dubai,and Hawaii, where there are large Filipino communities. Union members are called “Union Spiritists” and are affiliated with the International Spiritualist Federation. (based on Wikipedia)



SpiritualHymns.org aims to promote the spiritual hymns of the organization with the help of providing a list of lyrics. This is to aid the Union Spiritists in different countries who wants to view the lyrics of UECFI songs.

The content of this website(spiritualhymns.org) is based from a group of spiritual songs that the team(the developers) have in hand credits to the owners of the songbook. Some lyrics are from the submission of other union members. We do not own any of this song, please feel free to contact the administrator if you want to remove content/s of this website.


Meet the Team

We are union members from Centro Acaya, Solsona, Ilocos Norte.  Currently living here at Hawai’i, USA and members of Centro Verbo Ti Dios: Isu ti Silaw ti Biag. 


Mark Esteban

The Visioner

Zeus Miguel

Web Developer/Designer

Mary Ann Esteban

Lyrics Compiler/Writer


Important Notes:

SpiritualHymns.org is free for visitors.